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V T S    R E L A T E D    L E G I S L A T I O N
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This list of VTS related legislation is by no means comprehensive.  However, it does cover the main points concerning the guidelines for VTS.

The IALA documentation is very important for those who wish to know more about training and accreditation in general and the IMO recommended IALA Model Courses in particular.

Division for Ocean Affairs and Law of the Sea
I M O  Resolution  A.857(20)

Guidelines for Vessel Traffic Services
S O L A S  Chapter V

Regulation 12 - Vessel traffic Services
M S C  Circular 1065

IALA Standards for Training & Certification
I A L A  Recommendation V-103

See IALA Publications/Recommendations
E U  Directive 2002/59/EC

Vessel Traffic & Monitoring
VTS & Inland Waterways

Guidelines & Criteria
U K  Port Marine Safety Code

Safety Code for Harbour Authorities
I M O  Resolution  A.851(20)

General Principles for Ship Reporting Systems