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Automatic Identification Systems  (AIS)
Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) are designed to be capable of automatically providing information about a ship to other ships as well as to coastal authorities. Further information can be found in Regulation 19 of SOLAS Chapter V.

The sites shown below are either commercial where LOGIN information may be required or are those that are set up for educational purposes only. The information obtained from these sites should not be relied on and any legal information should be strictly adhered to.

IALA-NET is a near real time maritime data exchange service, provided through the Internet.  It has AIS data storage and statistics capability.

AISLive - Combined Satellite and Terrestrial Ship Tracking Solutions
A new platform to explore the exciting world of Satellite AIS.
I A L A   e-Navigation Portal
This IALA web portal is intended to host information regarding e-navigation, in particular information on test beds, portrayal examples, demonstration software and IALA conferences on the topic.